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CIS 93-18 Hazardous Occupation Rules, 1963 [Pakistan]
These nine Regulations, issued under the authority of the Factories Act, 1934 (see CIS 93-14), prescribe medical certification and examinations, prevention activities (exhausts, washing facilities, protective clothing), prohibition of employment (women, young persons) and the issuing of certificates of fitness in the case of dangerous jobs involving exposure to certain substances (lead, rubber, chromium, sodium and potassium bichromates) and certain other dangerous operations (manufacturing of aerated waters, spraying of cellulose solutions, sand blasting, generation of petroleum gas). One of the Regulations, the West Pakistan Hazardous Occupations (Miscellaneous) Rules, 1963 specifies a large number of processes (manufacturing and/or utilisation of a large number of harmful or explosive substances) as hazardous under the meaning of the Rules, and it permits the Chief Inspector of Factories to declare other processes hazardous as well.
In: Labour Code of Pakistan (Shafi M.), Bureau of Labour Publications, Zam Zam Chambers, Dunolly Road, P.O. Box 5833, Karachi 2, Pakistan, 11th ed., 1986, p.300-321. Also in: Gazette of West Pakistan, Extr. 4 Sep. 1964, p.2835-.

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