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CIS 91-1414 Decree No.98,816 of 11 Jan. 1990 concerning pesticides and their components [Brazil]
Decreto n°98.816, de 11 de jan. de 1990, ... sobre ... [os] agrotóxicos, seus componentes e afins ... [in Portuguese]
Decree implementing Act No.7802 of 11 July 1989. It concerns experimentation with and production, packaging, labelling, transportation, storage, sale, advertising, use, importation, exportation, waste treatment, registering, classification, control and inspection of pesticides used in agriculture. The Decree: assigns responsibilities to various federal ministries concerning pesticides; regulates the registration of pesticides (including the special case of pesticides undergoing testing) and of enterprises using them; prohibits pesticides causing certain health hazards; establishes rules for packaging, labelling and advertising; prescribes the supply of a product data sheet (use, toxicology, protective measures) together with the product; regulates regular inspection by government authorities; provides details on penalties and the implementation of the Decree.
Revista CIPA, Sep. 1990, Vol.11, No.130, p.48-57. Also in: Diário Oficial, 12 Jan. 1990, p.876.


CIS 99-1077 Federal Law No.7.802 of 11 July 1989 concerning research, ..., use, import and export, ..., registration, classification, control, inspection and monitoring of pesticides, their components and related compounds, ... [Brazil]
Lei n°7.802, de 11 de julho de 1989 dispõe sobre a pesquisa, ..., a utilização, a importação, a exportação, ..., o registro, a classificação, o controle, a inspeção e a fiscalização de agrotóxicos, seus componentes e afins, ... [in Portuguese]
Topics: agricultural chemicals; Brazil; handling and storage; labelling; law; notification of dangerous substances; penalties; pesticides; responsibilities; toxic substances.
Agrotóxicos: legislação federal e estadual, editado pela Secretaria técnica operacional da comissão estadual de controle de agrotóxicos, Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Feb. 1991. 6p.