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CIS 92-23 Council Directive 67/548/EEC of 27 June 1967 on the approximation of laws, regulations and administrative provisions relating to the classification, packaging and labelling of dangerous substances [CEC]
Richtlinie des Rates vom 27. Juni 1967 zur Angleichung der Rechts- und Verwaltungsvorschriften für die Einstufung, Verpackung und Kennzeichnung gefährlicher Stoffe [in German]
Directive 67/548/CEE du Conseil, du 27 juin 1967, concernant le rapprochement des dispositions législatives, réglementaires et administratives relatives à la classification, l'emballage et l'étiquetage des substances dangereuses [CCE] [in French]
This is the original version of the EEC Directive on harmonization of laws and regulations for the classification, packaging and labelling of chemical substances in the member States of the European Community. There are 4 major annexes, with all information in the 1967 version in the 4 official languages of the EEC at the time (French, German, Dutch and Italian): I - ca. 440 chemical substances, classified by their most characteristic elements, and listed with their chemical formulae, names, danger codes, and R- and S-phrase codes; II - Symbols and indications of danger; III - Nature of special risks attributed to dangerous substances (R-phrases); IV - Safety advice concerning dangerous chemical substances (S-phrases).
Official Journal of the European Communities - Journal officiel des Communautés européennes, 16 Aug. 1967, Vol.10, No.196, p.1-98. Illus. English version in: Legislation on dangerous substances: Classification and labelling in the European Communities, Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 2985 Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, 1987 (ISBN: I - 92-825-7279-X, II - 92-825-7292-7, price for set: BEF 3350, GBP 59.00), (for the Directive): Vol.I, p.3-12; (for Annexes I-IV, Consolidated to 1987): Vol.II, p.1-623.!celexapi!prod!CELEXnumdoc&lg=en&numdoc=31967L0548&model=guichett [in English]!celexapi!prod!CELEXnumdoc&lg=es&numdoc=31967L0548&model=guichett [in Spanish]!celexapi!prod!CELEXnumdoc&lg=fr&numdoc=31967L0548&model=guichett [in French]

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