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CIS 91-1432 Regulation No.3.435 of 19 June 1990 modifying Standard No.17 on Ergonomics [Brazil]
Portaria n°3.345, de 19 de junho de 1990 - altera a Norma Regulamentadora n°17 - Ergonomia [in Portuguese]
The Regulation modifies Brazilian Standard No.17 concerning ergonomics. The Standard, the full text of which is given, provides parameters permitting the adaptation of working conditions to the psycho-physiological characteristics of workers in order to allow them the maximum amount of comfort, safety and personal fulfilment during their work. The following aspects of work are covered: lifting, transport and unloading of materials; desks, tables, etc. used for sitting work; seating and foot support; equipment and the workstation; environmental conditions (noise, thermal levels, lighting); work organisation (particularly work requiring physical effort and VDU work); ergonomic analysis of the workplace.
FUNDACENTRO - Atualidades em prevenção de acidentes, July 1990, Vol.21, No.247, p.13-15.