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CIS 01-942 Regulatory Decree 6/2001 approving the schedule of occupational diseases and the corresponding codifying index [Portugal]
Decreto Regulamentar n°6/2001: aprova a lista das doenças profissionais e o respetivo índice codificado [in Portuguese]
This Decree introduces a renewed schedule of occupational diseases, in line with the recommendations of Directive 90/326/EEC (see CIS 90-1061). The major change from the previous schedule concerns infectious and parasitic diseases: on one hand, fungal infections restricted to the skin are transferred to the corresponding clinical group. On the other hand, infectious diseases with clear occupational connotations (streptococcus suis, erysipeloid etc.) are included now in this group. HIV/AIDS, although not in the schedule, may be recognized as an occupational disease in certain situations. Regulatory Decree 12/80 (of 8 May) and its modification as given in the Despacho Normativo 253/82 (22 Nov.) are revoked.
Diário da República, 5 May 2001, Series I-B, No.104. 6p.
01-0942.pdf [in Portuguese] [in Portuguese]


CIS 01-305 Decree-Law 142/99 - Establishes the Occupational Accident Fund according to the provisions of Article 19 of Law No.100/97 of 13 Sep. [Portugal]
Decreto-Lei 142/99 - Cria o Fundo de Acidentes de Trabalho previsto no artigo 39 da Lei n°100/97, de 13 de Setembro [in Portuguese]
This Decree-Law implements certain provisions of Law No.100/97 (see CIS 01-301). It describes the role and activities of the newly created Occupational Accident Fund (Fundo de Acidentes de Trabalho (FAT)).
Diário da República, 30 Apr. 1999, No.101, p.2320-2322.
01-305.pdf [in Portuguese] [in Portuguese]

CIS 01-311 Decree-Law No.248/99 - Proceeds to the global reformulation and improvement of legislation concerning occupational diseases in line with the new legal framework introduced by Law No.100/97 of 13 Sep., and in the development of the framework adopted by Law No.28/84, of 14 Aug. [Portugal]
Decreto-Lei n°248/99 - Procede à reformulação e aperfeiçoamento global da regulamentação das doenças profissionais em conformidade com o novo regime jurídico aprovado pela Lei n°100/97, de 13 de Setembro, e no desenvolvimento do regime provisto na Lei n°28/84, de 14 de Agosto [in Portuguese]
Decree-Law taken in conformity with Law No.100/97 (see CIS 01-301). It specifies the ways in which occupational diseases are to be compensated.
Diário da República, 2 July 1999, No.152/99, p.4164-4178.
01-311.pdf [in Portuguese] [in Portuguese]


CIS 01-301 Law No.100/97 - Approves the new legal framework for occupational accidents and diseases [Portugal]
Lei n°100/97 de 13 de Setembro - Aprova o novo regime jurídico dos acidentes de trabalho e das doenças profissionais [in Portuguese]
This Law introduces the new legal framework for the compensation of occupational accidents and diseases in Portugal. The Law covers all workers employed by others (whether paid or not), including foreign workers and citizens and residents of Portugal employed by Portuguese enterprises abroad. Self-employed workers are obliged to take out insurance offering the same benefits as provided by this Law. Contents: definition of occupational acccidents (defined to include commuting accidents and those suffered during training authorized by the employer); exclusions (if the accident is provoked on purpose by or through gross negligence of the victim, or if it is due to an Act of God); benefits accruing to victims of occupational accidents and their families; special provisions in case of occupational diseases; complementary and special provisions. Law No.2127 of 3 Aug. 1965 on the same subject is revoked.
Diário da República, 13 Sep. 1997, No.212, Serie I-A, p.4910-4917.
01-301.pdf [in Portuguese] [in Portuguese]


CIS 97-5
Ministério do Emprego e da Segurança Social
Decree-Law No.341/93 of 30 September on the approval of the National Table of Disability due to Occupational Accidents and Diseases [Portugal]
Decreto-Lei n°341/93 de 30 de Setembro: Tabela Nacional de Incapacidades por Acidentes de Trabalho e Doenças Profissionais [in Portuguese]
Scheme for the assessment of body disability due to occupational accidents and diseases. Contents: general instructions; musculoskeletal system; dysmorphy; neurology; otorhinolaryngology; ophthalmology; angiocardiology; pneumology; nephrology and urology; gastroenterology; psychiatry; dermatology; reproductive system; haematology; endocrinology; stomatology; oncology; model form for disability assessment. Decree No.43 189 of 23 September 1960 is abrogated.
Diário da República, 30 Sep. 1993, Series I-A, No.230, p.5497-5538. Illus.
97-0005.pdf [in Portuguese]

CIS 97-4
Ministério do Emprego e da Segurança Social
Order No. 33/93 of 15 October on the organization and operation of the National Commission for the Revision of the List of Occupational Diseases [Portugal]
Decreto Regulamentar n°33/93 de 15 de Outubro: reformulação da constituição e do regime de funcionamento da Comissão Nacional de Revisão da Lista das Doenças Profissionais [in Portuguese]
Subject: organization and operation of the National Commission for the revision of the list of occupational diseases, created by Decree No.434/73 of 25 August. Contents: functions and composition of the Commission; participation of experts; permanent group; administrative and logistic support. Reference to: Law No.2127 of 3 August. Order No.12/80 of 8 May is abrogated.
Diário da República, 15 Oct. 1993, Series I-B, No.242, p.5827-5828.
97-0004.pdf [in Portuguese]


CIS 84-820 List of occupational diseases (Portuguese Decree No. 12/80)
Lista das doenças profissionais - Decreto regulamentar No.12/80 [in Portuguese]
A classified listing of compensable occupational diseases and conditions in Portugal. The categories are: diseases caused by inorganic and organic substances; lung diseases; skin diseases; diseases caused by physical agents (radiation, noise, hyperbaric pressure, vibration, overstrain, work posture, etc.); biological hazards (bacterial and viral infections, parasites, fungi, tropical diseases); tumours; allergic reactions in the respiratory tract. For each disease and condition are given, in tabular form: its clinical symptoms, its latency, susceptible occupations. Excerpts are given from relevant laws.
Caixa nacional de seguros de doenças profissionais, Avenida da República, 25, 1094 Lisboa Codex, Portugal, 1981. 87p.


CIS 84-1066
(Ministério do trabalho)
Codified index of occupational diseases
Índice codificado de doenças profissionais [in Portuguese]
This schedule of occupational diseases recognised in Portugal is the revision of the list published in 1973. The codified index has the following main subdivisions: poisoning, lung diseases, skin diseases, diseases caused by physical agents (radiations, noise, hyperbaric pressure, vibration, mechanical agents), infections, tumours, allergic manifestations of the mucous membranes. Detailed tables are provided for each causing agent, giving clinical symptoms, normal duration of diseases, types of work that may give rise to the disease.
Direcção-Geral de Higiene e Segurança do Trabalho, Avenida da República 84, 1600 Lisboa, Portugal, 1980. 62p.