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CIS 01-622 Order No.384 dated 20 May 1996 concerning the protection of minors at work [Albania]
Arrêté n°384 du 20 mai 1996 portant sur la protection des mineurs au travail [Albanie] [in French]
This Order was issued in accordance with the provisions of the Labour Code (see CIS 01-605). It specifies the obligations of employers who hire workers below 18yrs old, including the need for a special authorization of the labour inspectorate. It lists the characteristics of "easy" work suitable to minors, as well as those of difficult and/or dangerous jobs that minors should not be doing. Special provisions are provided for weekly rest days and regular breaks.
Internet version (3p. when printed on A4 paper). [in French]


CIS 01-605 Act No.7961 of 12 July 1995 adopting the Labour Code of the Republic of Albania [Albania]
Loi n°7961 du 12 juillet 1995 portant Code du travail de la République d'Albanie [Albanie] [in French]
Relevant chapters of the new labour code for Albania: I - Preliminary provisions; II - Scope; III - Basic rights of workers; VII - General responsibilities of employers; VIII - Occupational safety and health; IX - Working hours and holidays; X - Special protection of young persons and women; XVIII - Labour administration; XIX - Penalties.
Internet version (36p. when printed on A4 paper). [in French]