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CIS 75-1194
Ministry of Employment and Labour (Ministčre de l'Emploi et du Travail), Bruxelles.
Labour Inspection Act
Wet betreffende de arbeidsinspectie [in Dutch]
Loi concernant l'inspection du travail. [in French]
This Act dated 16 Nov. 1972, which entered into force on 8 Dec. 1972, lays down prescriptions concerning the right of labour inspectors to enter premises where there is reason to suspect a breach of the laws and regulations concerning occupational safety and health. Inspectors are also empowered to order adequate steps to be taken to remedy hazardous plant, plant layout or working methods and alterations to installations and equipment; they are also authorised to prohibit the use of certain machinery, to restrict or forbid access to specified premises, etc.
Moniteur belge - Belgisch Staatsblad, 8 Dec. 1972, Vol.142, No.236, p.13647-13648. Translation (in English, Spanish) published in Legislative Series, 1972-Bel.1, International Labour Office, 1211 Genčve 22, Switzerland.

CIS 74-1810 Di Maggio G.
Electro-hydraulically operated mobile elevating platforms
Piattaforme di lavoro a sollevamento elettro-idraulico [in Italian]
Description of an easily manageable elevating platform for use by the inspectors of the Italian National Accident Prevention Institute (ENPI) called upon to inspect hoisting equipment in undertakings. Platforms of this type should not take up much space; they should also be easily dismantled and transported, light, easy to reassemble, stable, with automatic controls and safe to operate. The article describes in detail the mechanical components and the electro-hydraulic operating and control system for a platform meeting the above requirements.
Sicurezza nel lavoro, Oct. 1972, No.10, p.1-4. Illus.

CIS 74-1460 Colas J.
Inspections of undertakings: food retail trades - Butchery, pork-butchery, fish retail trade)
Visites d'entreprises: commerces de détail de l'alimentation - Boucherie, charcuterie, poissonnerie. [in French]
Practical guidelines for medical and technical services inspecting retail trades in the fields of butchery, pork-butchery and fish retail trade. Characteristics of premises, procedures and equipment of particular interest for occupational safety and health.
Cahiers de médecine interprofessionnelle, 4th quarter 1972, Vol.12, No.48, p.101-118, and 3 data sheets of 6p. Illus. 4 ref.

CIS 74-530
Department of Trade and Industry, London.
Report of H.M. Chief Inspector of Mines and Quarries for 1971
An account of the activities of the Inspectorate during 1971. A general section is followed by sections dealing with: coal mines, mines of stratified ironstone, shale and fireclay, miscellaneous mines, quarries. Details on inspection, accidents, safety of equipment and operations and occupational health are included. Related statistical tables are appended.
H.M. Stationery Office, P.O. Box 569, London S.E.1, United Kingdom, 1972. 73p. Illus. Price: Ł0.47.

CIS 74-596 The work of the Labour Inspectorate in 1971
Die Amtstätigkeit der Arbeitsinspektorate im Jahre 1971 [in German]
The general report (Part A) contains details about the organisation and activity of the Austrian Labour Inspectorate, with particular reference to occupational accidents and diseases. Cases of particular interest are described. Numerous statistical tables on factory inspections, reported accidents and appeals are also included. Part B (Individual reports) is devoted to: lead exposure in wire patenting; blast-furnace reconditioning; electron-beam welders for bimetal strip-operation and operator safety; operator safety in the laying-up of glassfibre-reinforced plastics.
Verlag des Zentral-Arbeitsinspektorates, Stubenring 1, Wien I, Austria, July 1972. 123 p. Illus.

CIS 74-5 Order of the Council of State under the Safety and Health Act regarding work with tower cranes and their inspection
Statsrĺdets beslut innefattande bestämmelser om tillämpning av lagen om skydd i arbete pĺ tornkranar samt pĺ inspektion av tornkranar [in Swedish]
Manufacturers, importers and vendors must ensure that tower cranes and their equipment comply with the provisions of the Finnish Safety and Health Act of 28 June 1958. Tower cranes must not be used unless they have been duly inspected; they must be of a type approved by the Finnish Technical Research Centre. Revisions have to be carried out at intervals of 24 months or less.
Finlands författningssamling - Suomen säädöskokoelma, 1972. No.648, p.1454-1455.

CIS 73-79 Act of the Czech National Council of 25 Apr. 1972 concerning the organisation and extension of the supervision of the National Mines Administration [Czechoslovakia - Czech Socialist Republic]
Zákon České národní rady ze dne 25. dubna 1972 o organizaci a o rozšíření dozoru státní báňské správy [in Czech]
Following provisions on organisational matters, this act (entry into force: 1 July 1972) deals with the extension of the supervisory power of the National Mines Administration to undertakings which are not normally subject to the provisions of mines legislation but which are involved in activities (listed in the Act) related to mining (e.g. geological prospecting, sand and gravel dredging in river beds, stabilisation of underground spaces). Work of this type must also be subject to safety supervision.
Sbírka zákonů, 28 Apr. 1972, No.8, p.153-156.

CIS 72-182 Advice on excavator testing
Hinweise für die Prüfung von Baggern [in German]
Excavators should be regularly examined by qualified persons. Advice is given on the systematisation and simplification of these safety tests and the article covers the scope of the testing and individual points such as chassis, tracks or tyres, driver's seat, cab-access steps, jib, exhaust, hydraulic lines, lighting, pressure vessels, safety devices and wire ropes. An inspection check list is reproduced.
Tiefbau-Berufsgenossenschaft, July 1972, Vol.84, No.7, p.323-328. Illus.

CIS 73-119 Kreyss G.
Checking the safety of overhead travelling cranes used for transporting molten materials
Sicherheitstechnische Überwachung von Kranen für den Transport feuerflüssiger Massen [in German]
Since it is considered that the current rules relating to the safety of overhead travelling cranes stipulate only minimum basic requirements for the smelting and refining industry, users stipulate special purchasing conditions and carry out minute inspections. The various points that require consideration in the purchasing and inspection of overhead travelling cranes are described: electrical circuitry, qualification of the manufacturer and quality of design, manufacturing standards, operation, ultrasonic testing, checks on maximum safe working load. Improved quality, a reduction of specific loads, more detailed inspections and more stringent testing requirements have made it possible to achieve a high level of safety on the basis of many years experience. The author emphasises that only cranes of proven design should be used. A brief description is given of organisational procedures.
Moderne Unfallverhütung, 1972, No.16, p.73-79. Illus. 2 ref.

CIS 73-84 Report of HM Inspectors of Explosives for the year ended 31 Dec. 1971
The report is divided into 8 sections dealing with: general activities; explosives; acetylene; petroleum; gas cylinders and containers (with a section on accidents in each category); Home Office Standing Advisory Committee on Dangerous Substances; international work on dangerous substances; and accidents. A summary of chemical and experimental work, and statistical tables on reported accidents are given in the appendices. A chart of international labels for dangerous substances is also appended.
HM Stationery Office, P.O. Box 276, London, SW8 5DT United Kingdom, 1 Aug.1972. 51p. Illus.


CIS 74-888
Ministry of Labour (Ministerio de trabajo), Madrid.
Decree No.2122/1971 to approve the Labour Inspection Regulations
Décret n°2122/1971 portant approbation du rčglement de l'inspection du travail [in French]
Decreto número 2122/1971, por el que se aprueba el reglamento de la Inspección de Trabajo [in Spanish]
These regulations, dated 23 July 1971, make provisions concerning the object, scope and functions of the Inspectorate of Labour. Regulation 10 covers, inter alia, inspections of undertakings according to the nature of the occupational hazards involved and the frequency, severity and incidence of occupational accidents and diseases. Penalties are prescribed for obstructing inspectors in the performance of these duties.
Boletín Oficial del Estado, 21 Sep. 1971, No.226, p.15305-15310. Translations published in Legislative Series, 1971-Sp.5, International Labour Office, 1211 Geneva 22, Switzerland.

CIS 74-598 The work of the Labour Inspectorate in 1970
Die Amtstätigkeit der Arbeitsinspektorate im Jahre 1970 [in German]
The general report (Part A) gives details about the organisation and activities of the Austrian Labour Inspectorate, with particular reference to occupational accidents and diseases. Cases of particular interest or severity are described. Numerous tables of statistics on factory inspections, reported accidents and appeals are included. Part B (Individual reports) is devoted to specific subjects: refrigeration plant in food industry; safety in dairies; safety in swimming-pool water chlorination installations; good housekeeping.
Verlag des Zentral-Arbeitsinspektorates, Stubenring 1, Wien I, Austria, July 1971. 122 p. Illus.


CIS 95-1583 Factories and Machinery (Notification, Certificate of Fitness and Inspection) Regulations [Malaysia]
These Regulations were published in 1970 and were amended several times subsequently. They concern: definitions; notification of factories, use of machinery, accidents and industrial diseases; certificates of fitness; inspection. In annex: sample forms used in notification and certification procedures.
In: Factories and Machinery Act, 1967 (Act 139) & Regulations and Rules, International Law Book Services. No. 14, 1st Floor, Lorong Bunus Enam, Off Jalan Masjid India, 50100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1990, p.225-261. [in English]

CIS 95-1557 Factories and Machinery (Administration) Regulations, 1970 [Malaysia]
These Regulations were published in 1970, revised in 1983 and came into force on 21 Apr. 1983. They cover: responsibilities of the Chief Inspector; records to be kept by the Chief Inspector, the Senior Inspector and the Inspectors in charge of a State or Area; enquiries; prosecutions; service fees.
In: Factories and Machinery Act, 1967 (Act 139) & Regulations and Rules, International Law Book Services. No. 14, 1st Floor, Lorong Bunus Enam, Off Jalan Masjid India, 50100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1990, p.197-203. [in English]

CIS 76-291 Safety inspector's manual
Manual do inspetor de segurança [in Portuguese]
This training manual for occupational safety inspectors is an adaptation of 8 occupational safety brochures published in the USA. Contents: accident causes; definitions; responsibilities in the field of safety; organisation of occupational safety and health measures; inspection services; investigations, etc. Safety aspects considered in detail: work organisation; materials storage and handling; carrying loads; compressed gases; vehicles; wire ropes; tools; electrical hazards; falls; ladders; saws; planers; lathes; presses; forging; explosions; safety enclosures; fire prevention and fire fighting; principles of evacuation; lighting; safety colours; personal protective equipment; protection of the eyes, head, feet; harmful environment; respiratory equipment, etc.
MEC, Diretoria do Ensino Industrial, Săo Paulo, Brazil, 1970. 648p. Illus.


CIS 89-1761 Convention 129 and Recommendation 133 concerning labour inspection in agriculture [ILO]
Convention 129 et Recommandation 133 concernant l'inspection du travail dans l'agriculture [OIT] [in French]
Convenio 129 y Recomendación 133 relativo a la inspección del trabajo en la agricultura [in Spanish]
This Convention extends the scope of labour inspection to agricultural undertakings (including livestock production, forestry and horticulture). The Recommendation contains further provisions for the qualifications and training of inspectors, and the promotion of safety through the labour inspectorate.
ILO Publications, International Labour Office, 1211 Genčve 22, Switzerland, 1969. 9p. + 3p. (Convention 129) [in English] (Convention 129) [in French] (Convenio 129) [in Spanish] (Recommendation 133) [in English] (Recommandation 133) [in French] (Recomendación 133) [in Spanish]


CIS 08-350 The medical inspection of labour - Report of the international symposium on the medical inspection of labour and related papers
L'inspection médicale du travail - Rapport du colloque international sur l'inspection médicale du travail et documents connexes [in French]
This report summarizes the work and the conclusions of a colloquium on medical labour inspection held in Geneva, Switzerland, in April 1963. Contents: role, functions and responsibilities of medical labour inspection; technical and administrative resources necessary to carry out medical labour inspection; training of physicians involved in medical labour inspection and means required to ensure this training. Appendices include: summary of findings of surveys on legislation and practices in 28 countries; full text of ILO Recommendation No.97 on the protection of workers' health at the place of work; report of the joint ILO/WHO committee on the training of physicians in occupational medicine.
ILO Publications, International Labour Office, 1211 Genčve 22, Switzerland, 1964. 121p.


CIS 92-1406 Factories and Shops Act 1963 [Australia - Western Australia]
This Act (assented to 3 Dec. 1962, commenced 1 Jan. 1964, amendments to 1988) concerns safety, health and working conditions in industrial and commercial premises. It covers: labour inspection; keeping of time and wages books; power to issue regulations concerning the welfare of workers; restrictions on work by children, young persons and women; working hours; holidays; sick pay; payment of wages.
In: Australian Industrial Safety, Health and Welfare, CCH Australia Ltd., CNR Talavera & Khartoum Roads, Box 230, North Ryde, NSW 2113, Australia, Vol.3, 22p. (pages numbered 76,401 - 76,622).


CIS 90-3 Labour Inspection (Organisation) Law, 5714-1954 [Israel]
English-language version of the law establishing a Labour Inspection Service for Israel. The law also deals with the election of safety delegates, the establishment of safety committees, the appointment of safety officers and the establishment of an Institute for Safety and Hygiene.
In: Labour Laws, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Hakiryah, P.O. Box 915, Jerusalem 91008, Israel, 1989, ch.22, p.289-305.


CIS 95-1924 Convention No.81 concerning Labour Inspection in Industry and Commerce; Recommendation No.81 concerning Labour Inspection [ILO]
Convention n°81 concernant l'inspection du travail dans l'industrie et le commerce; recommandation n°81 concernant l'inspection du travail [OIT] [in French]
Convenio nş81 relativo a la Inspección de Trabajo en la industria y el comercio; Recomendación nş81 relativa a la Inspección de Trabajo [OIT] [in Spanish]
Convention and Recommendation adopted at the 20th session of the International Labour Conference on 11 July 1947. The Convention is to be applied to all industrial workplaces, though mining and transportation undertakings may be exempted by national laws or regulations. It defines the functions of labour inspection systems, the qualification, independence, minimal numbers and powers of inspection staff, and the contents of annual reports to be submitted by central inspection authorities. Unless a Member State makes an explicit declaration to the contrary during the ratification process, the provisions of the Convention shall also apply to commercial workplaces. The Recommendation provides further details on: preventive duties of labour inspectorates; collaboration of employers and workers with regard to safety and health; annual reports on inspection.
ILO Publications, International Labour Office, 1211 Genčve 22, Switzerland, 1947. 9+4p. (Convention 81) [in English] (Convention 81) [in French] (Convenio 81) [in Spanish] (Recommendation 81) [in English] (Recommandation 81) [in French] (Recomendación 81) [in Spanish]


CIS 89-1768 Convention 27 concerning the marking of the weight on heavy packages transported by vessels [ILO]
Convention 27 concernant l'indication du poids sur les gros colis transportés par bateau [OIT] [in French]
This ILO Convention prescribes that any package or object >1,000kg gross weight consigned within the territory of any member ratifying the Convention, for transport by sea or inland waterway, shall have its gross weight marked upon it before loading.
ILO Publications, International Labour Office, 1211 Genčve 22, Switzerland, 1929. 3p.


CIS 05-40 Labour inspection - Development and current systems of organization in various countries
L'inspection du travail - Le développement et le régime actuel de l'organisation dans différents pays [in French]
This publication consists of a compilation of reports on labour inspection practices of 26 countries among the Member States of the ILO. They are based on the responses of governments to a questionnaire submitted by the ILO as well as on the analysis of a collection of published reports. For each country, the reports include a historical overview as well as the current situation (organization of inspection services, powers and procedures, mode of nomination of inspectors, other authorities, voluntary inspection systems).
ILO Publications, International Labour Office, 1211 Genčve 22, Switzerland, 1923. 338p. 52 ref.


CIS 07-501 Instructions for labour inspectors concerning the regulatory framework and the unity of the service [Spain]
Instrucciones á los inspectores del trabajo para el régimen y unidad del servicio [Espańa] [in Spanish]
This document consists of the full text of regulations concerning labour inspectors dating back to 1909. The regulations specify the mode of operation of inspectors and presents examples of the various documents to be completed by them.
Ministerio de Trabajo y Asuntos Sociales, Agustín de Bethencourt 11, 28003 Madrid, Spain, 1909. 47p.


CIS 92-1066 Mines Inspection Act 1901 [Australia - New South Wales]
This text is a consolidation of the original law (assented to on 28 Dec. 1901, commenced 1 Feb. 1902), as amended to 1989. It covers: appointment of a manager for every mine; delegation of functions by the manager; certification of managers; certification of persons operating mine machinery; investigation of incompetence and negligence on the part of managers and machinery operators; appointment and duties of mine inspectors; danger notices, orders and reports to be submitted by inspectors; plans for mine workings; keeping of statistics; drillholes; accident reports; notices for the opening and abandonment of mines; boilers; drainage; tourist and educational activities; regulations, special rules for certain mines, prosecutions and fines.
In: Australian Industrial Safety, Health and Welfare, CCH Australia Ltd., CNR Talavera & Khartoum Roads, Box 230, North Ryde, NSW 2113, Australia, Vol.2, 27p. (pages numbered 58,821 - 58,941).

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