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CIS 77-1462 Cloquet L.
Safety in small undertakings
Veiligheid in de kleine onderneming [in Dutch]
After some figures illustrating the problem of promotion and control of safety in small undertakings in Belgium, the reasons for the lack of satisfactory safety measures are reviewed: buildings frequently inadequate, personnel selected according to criteria having no relation to the work, personality of the employer, lack of a prevention service, infrequent inspection. Other particularities were the multiplicity of accident causes and very close human contact. Preventive efforts in small enterprises should be directed towards safety training and improvement of the work environment. Employers have to be convinced that safety is a source of savings in the long run. General application of material damage control and dialogue with workers' trade unions offer encouraging perspectives.
De veiligheid, Sep. 1976, Vol.52, No.9, p.311-318. Illus.


CIS 77-500 Ruch W.E., Held B.J.
Respiratory protection - OSHA and the small businessman.
This book shows the small businessman how to set up and operate a respiratory protection programme complying with the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Act, 1970 (OSH Act). Contents: breathing and the lung (tissue, air passages, gas exchange, etc.); classification of respiratory hazards (hypoxia, anoxia, effects of chronic hypoxia, toxic and nuisance atmospheres, physiological reactions, metal fume fever, infections, irritation, radioactive material, particulates, gases, etc.); evaluation of respiratory hazards (TLVs, sampling techniques, particulate sampling, etc.); basic requirements of OSH Act; types and limitations of respiratory protective devices (air-purifying devices: mechanical filters; chemical cartridges; combination air-purifying respirators; gas masks; powered air-purifying devices; atmosphere-supplying devices; self-contained breathing apparatus; supplied-air devices; hose masks; air-line respirators and supplied-air suits; air sources); eating and smoking, wearing of prescription glasses, communications, protective headgear, etc.; respirator selection and fitting; training; record-keeping and inspections; medical supervision; respirator maintenance and care.
Ann Arbor Science Publishers, P.O. Box 1425, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106, USA, 1975. 102p. Illus. Price: US-$14.00.

CIS 75-1776 El Batawi M.A., Cho K.S., Lee T.J., Hakkinen I., Rothan A., Pardon N., Sumamur., Jongh J., Osman Y., Forssman S., Jones W., Elliot P.M.
International symposium on occupational medicine in small industries
Un symposium international sur la médecine du travail dans les petites entreprises. [in French]
Papers presented at this international symposium held in Paris, 11-12 July 1974, under the auspices of the Permanent Committee and International Association for Occupational Health. The current situation and organisational problems of occupational medicine in the following countries are described: Finland, France, Indonesia, Netherlands, South Korea, Sudan, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the developing countries in general.
Cahiers de médecine interprofessionnelle, 1st Quarter 1975, Vol.15, No.57, p.5-51.


CIS 74-1770 Safety inspection committee for a small plant
This guide briefly reviews the functions, value, composition and procedures of safety inspection committees in small chemical plants. It contains a useful checklist of basic safety requirements relating to premises, equipment and work practices.
Safety Guide SG-20, Manufacturing Chemists Association, 1825 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20009, USA, 1973. 3p.

CIS 74-564 Safety for the smaller firm.
This booklet is intended as a guide for senior management of small firms and emphasises the need for adequate safety organisation and training for loss prevention, including the reduction of injury accidents, damage incidents and insurance costs. Brief sections are devoted to: safety performance, safety plan, responsibilities, safety adviser and safety training. Appendices include: a case history of the application of a safety and loss prevention programme in a small firm; a specimen accident prevention check-list and a specimen job description for a part-time safety adviser in a small firm.
Chemical and Allied Products Industry Training Board, Staines House, 158/162 High Street, Staines, Middlesex TW18 4AT, United Kingdom, Apr. 1973. 17 p.


CIS 74-846 Moiseev A.E., Laptij V.A.
Occupational safety and health in small industries and handicrafts
Tehnika bezopasnosti i promsanitarija v mestnoj promyšlennosti [in Russian]
Compilation of USSR regulations and standards on the following subjects: noise and vibration control; electrical safety; accident prevention in metalworking, painting, manufacture of building materials and repair and assembly work; occupational safety and health in logging, sawmills and woodworking; hygiene requirements to be met by the premises of small industries and handicrafts; organisation of occupational safety and health services.
Izdatel'stvo "Legkaja industrija", Kuzneckij most 22, 103031 Moskva K-31, USSR, 1972. 176p. 5 ref. Price: Rbl.1.09.


CIS 98-378 Federal Act of 13 March 1964 on work in industry, small trades and commerce [Switzerland]
Loi fédérale du 13 mars 1964 sur le travail dans l'industrie, l'artisanat et le commerce [Suisse] [in French]
Topics: age limit; arts and crafts; commercial activities; conditions of work; handicrafts; health programmes; hours of work; large enterprises; law; night work; occupational hygiene; penalties; plant health organization; responsibilities of employees; responsibilities of employers; safety and health training; shift work; small enterprises; Switzerland; women; workbreaks; young persons.
Amtliche Sammlung des Bundesrechts - Recueil officiel des lois fédérales, 1966, p.1-23


CIS 05-45 Servicing small industries
Au service de la petite industrie [in French]
This publication is primarily aimed at persons who offer advice to small industries, particularly in developing countries. Contents: small industries and economic growth; characteristics and needs of small industries; problems faced by service providers to small industries; consultancy services; vocational training and information; research; financial and material support; cooperative associations. Appendices include: organization of the technical promotion services of several countries; study of several examples of support to small industries; two examples of international competitions on the problems faced by small industries; examples of financial support to small industries.
ILO Publications, International Labour Office, 1211 Genève 22, Switzerland, 1961. vi, 245p. Price: CHF 8.00, USD 2.00.

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