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CIS 01-942 Regulatory Decree 6/2001 approving the schedule of occupational diseases and the corresponding codifying index [Portugal]
Decreto Regulamentar n°6/2001: aprova a lista das doenças profissionais e o respetivo índice codificado [in Portuguese]
This Decree introduces a renewed schedule of occupational diseases, in line with the recommendations of Directive 90/326/EEC (see CIS 90-1061). The major change from the previous schedule concerns infectious and parasitic diseases: on one hand, fungal infections restricted to the skin are transferred to the corresponding clinical group. On the other hand, infectious diseases with clear occupational connotations (streptococcus suis, erysipeloid etc.) are included now in this group. HIV/AIDS, although not in the schedule, may be recognized as an occupational disease in certain situations. Regulatory Decree 12/80 (of 8 May) and its modification as given in the Despacho Normativo 253/82 (22 Nov.) are revoked.
Diário da República, 5 May 2001, Series I-B, No.104. 6p. [in Portuguese]