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CIS 00-1219 Ordinance concerning the medical examination and expertise of workplace, professional and health aptitude [Hungary]
33/1998. (VI. 24.) NM rendelet a munkaköri, szakmai, illetve személyi higiénés alkalmasság orvosi vizsgálatáról és véleményezéséről [in Hungarian]
This ordinance provides, among other provisions, for greater protection of workers in vulnerable groups (older workers, minors, pregnant women, women who recently gave birth, breastfeeding women). In annex: table outlining jobs at which work by workers belonging to certain vulnerable groups may be prohibited or restricted; types of work where there is increased risk of infection; sample forms to be used by physicians engaged in aptitude examinations. Includes the modifications introduced by Ordinance No.27/2000 (30 Sept.) of the Minister of Health.
Internet document, 1998. [in Hungarian]