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CIS 76-2 Whitbread E.G., Meadowcroft A.E., Steel J.G., Lunn H.P., Pike H., Rees W., Davies D.L., Roberts R.K., Malcolm J.G., Peeler J., Lewis G.J., Swinbank C., Jenkin-Jones C.O.
Distribution Conference: Proceedings.
This conference on packaging and shipping of dangerous goods was held at Harrogate, U.K. on 12-13 Feb. 1975. The papers read were: Regulation of the conveyance of dangerous goods; Hazard classification - the UN system; Package performance tests - the concept and the reality; The movement of chemicals in freight containers; Movement of chemicals by air; Labelling for transport; Labelling for user protection; International transport of dangerous goods in portable tanks; Intermediate bulk containers; Implementation of Chemical Industries Association's recommended safety procedures; European surface transport; Role of returnable packages in the distribution operations of the chemical industry; Packaged goods lost at sea; Presentation of 'CHEMSAFE' (chemical industry scheme for assistance in freight emergencies). The open forum discussion; references to directives and regulations; and Chemical Industries Association publications on related topics are included.
Chemical Industries Association, Ltd., 93 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7TU, United Kingdom, 1975. 77p. Illus. 22 ref. Price: £3.00.


CIS 75-373 Lange W.
Subjective response to combined vibrations acting on man via the seat
Zur Beurteilung von Schwingungsgemischen, die über die Sitzfläche auf den Menschen einwirken [in German]
Subjects who were exposed to vibrations composed of several harmonics were asked to compare the combination of harmonics with a reference vibration of 5Hz. The amplitude of the reference frequency was varied until the subject felt a stress equal to that of the combined vibrations. It was thus possible to ascertain quantitatively the influence of harmonics in vibrations on subjective response.
European Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology, 27 Sep. 1974, Vol.33, No.2, p.151-170. Illus. 19 ref.


CIS 74-406 Zepler E.E., Sullivan B.M., Rice C.G., Griffin M.J., Oldman M., Dickinson P.J., Shepherd K.P., Ludlow J.E., Large J.B.
Human response to transportation noise and vibration.
A historical review of research carried out during the period 1963-1973 at the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, Southampton, United Kingdom, on a number of aspects of human response to transportation noise and vibration. Individual sections are devoted to: sonic boom; subjective acoustics tests procedures; human response to vibration (vibration and vision, subjective response to vibration, physical response of the human body, vibration experienced by man in vehicles); effects of noise on performance and comfort; development of a mathematical model to determine the economic impact of achieving reduced community noise levels from aircraft; community noise studies.
Journal of Sound and Vibration, 8 June 1973, Vol.28, No.3, p.375-401. Illus. 52 ref.

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