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Base de datos CISDOC

ID (ISN) del documento63205
Número CIS 94-1543
ISBN(s) 1-898945-58-6 (EMS); 1-898945-59-4 (O/H)
Año 1994
Número de serie IChemE E05
Autor(es) Hunt D., Lambton S.
WRc alert
Título Environmental management systems
Información bibliográfica Safety, Health and Environment Department, Institution of Chemical Engineers, Davis Building, 165-171 Railway Terrace, Rugby CV21 3HQ, United Kingdom, 1994. Manuals + computer diskette + slide set (172 slides) + 10 overhead (O/H) projections. Bibl.ref. Price: GBP 785.00 (all except O/H), GBP 100.00 (O/H) + VAT + delivery charges.
Resumen Audiovisual training package on how to set up an environmental management system (EMS) within enterprises. The diskette associated with the package is to be sent to trainees some time before the course starts. After an introduction to the subject, a questionnaire is administered on computer screen to the trainees, the results of which are returned to the course organizers on the diskette, so that the course may be tailored to the trainees' needs. The course material itself includes ten case studies on the following aspects of EMSs: policy statement; organization and personnel; effects evaluation; register of effects; management manual; auditing for sustainability; audit programmes; preparatory reviews; the supply chain; reporting. Full copies of the standards BS 7750: 1994 Environmental Management Systems and the EMA Regulation are included. Relevant British legislation is reviewed. Slides and overhead projections provide ample illustration.
Descriptores (primarios) cursos de formación; Reino Unido; material para la formación; programas de seguridad; organización de la prevención en la empresa; polución ambiental
Descriptores (secundarios) declaración de accidentes de trabajo; manuales de formación; comentario de norma; legislación; educación audiovisual
Tipo de documento C - Manuales de formación, material audiovisual
País / Estado o ProvinciaReino Unido
Tema(s) Polución, problemas de ambiente
Broad subject area(s) Riesgos químicos
Navegación por categoria(s) OSH training
Safety programmes
Environmental pollution