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Base de datos CISDOC

ID (ISN) del documento62637
Número CIS 94-1393
ISBN(s) 0-85951-368-8
Año 1994
Número de serie NRPB-R265
Autor(es) Allen S.G., Blackwell R.P., Chadwick P.J., Driscoll C.M.H., Pearson A.J., Unsworth C., Whillock M.J.
National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB)
Título Review of occupational exposure to optical radiation and electric and magnetic fields with regard to the proposed CEC physical agents directive
Información bibliográfica HMSO Books, P.O. Box 276, London SW8 5DT, United Kingdom, Jan. 1994. vi, 66p. 51 ref. Price: GBP 10.00.
Resumen Part 1 of this review considers occupational exposure to optical radiation, ultra-violet radiation, lasers and infrared radiation. It is concluded that if suitable control measures are enforced, there should be very few cases where optical radiation emissions from artificial sources exceed the ceiling levels in the proposed CEC Directive; areas where overexposure may occur are highlighted. Part 2 covers occupational exposure to electric and magnetic fields, static fields, extremely low frequency fields, broadcast and telecommunications, radar and navigation, heating, visual display units and other sources and identifies a number of areas where the action and hazardous activity levels proposed by CEC may be exceeded.
Descriptores (primarios) Reino Unido; comunidades europeas; campos magnéticos; valoración de la exposición; dosis de radiación admisibles; campos eléctricos
Descriptores (secundarios) instalaciones de calefacción; radares; informe; radiación electromagnética; radiación ultravioleta; equipos de iluminación eléctrica; radiación infrarroja; lámparas de filamento; lámparas de descarga; láseres; pantallas de visualización; telecomunicaciones; comentario de directiva; lámparas de arco
Tipo de documento E - Libros, informes, actas
País / Estado o ProvinciaReino Unido
Tema(s) Radiaciones
Broad subject area(s) Riesgos físicos
Navegación por categoria(s) Exposure evaluation
Electromagnetic fields
Occupational exposure limits