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Base de datos CISDOC

ID (ISN) del documento62093
Número CIS 94-704
ISBN(s) 92-2-108261-X
Año 1994
Número de serie OSH Series No.69
International Non-Ionizing Radiation Committee, International Radiation Protection Association
Título Protection of workers from power frequency electric and magnetic fields - A practical guide
Información bibliográfica ILO Publications, International Labour Office, 1211 Genève 22, Switzerland, 1994. x, 81p. Illus. Appendices. 113 ref. Price: CHF 20.00.
Resumen This ILO publication comprises a review of data on the effects of extremely low frequency (ELF) electric and magnetic fields on biological systems pertinent to the evaluation of health risks for workers. It provides information on the possible effects of exposure to 50/60Hz electric and magnetic fields on human health and gives guidance on the assessment of risks from occupational exposure. Areas in which uncertainties exist and further research is needed are also indicated. Biological effects of ELF electric and magnetic fields and national exposure standards are presented in appendices. Glossary.
Descriptores (primarios) OIT; campos eléctricos; límites admisibles; campos magnéticos; valoración de la exposición; efectos biológicos; valoración del riesgo
Descriptores (secundarios) campos electromagnéticos; investigación; guías de seguridad; glosario; riesgos físicos
Tipo de documento F - Notas informativas, directrices prácticas, normas
País / Estado o ProvinciaOIT
Tema(s) Radiaciones
Broad subject area(s) Riesgos físicos
Navegación por categoria(s) Exposure evaluation
Risk evaluation
Electromagnetic fields
Occupational exposure limits