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Base de datos CISDOC

ID (ISN) del documento62025
Número CIS 94-710
ISBN(s) 3-89429-284-9
Año 1993
Número de serie Fb 679
Autor(es) Baum H., Herion E.
Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz
Título Working and traffic safety in road freight transportation on a deregulated market
Información bibliográfica Wirtschaftsverlag NW, Postfach 10 11 10, Am Alten Hafen 113-115, 27511 Bremerhaven, Germany, 1993. 71p. Illus. 54 ref. Price: DEM 18.00.
Resumen From an analysis of traffic accident statistics for united Germany, it is concluded that the accident risk of truck drivers is significantly higher in former East Germany than in the original Federal Republic. Poor road conditions and an average vehicle age of 17 to 18.5 years (depending on type), as compared with 6.8 to 8.9 years in West Germany, are the main contributing factors. In addition, competition has led to long hours at the wheel without rest. Measures to prevent accidents include more transport of hazardous materials by rail and water and better training of drivers. Summaries in English, French and German.
Descriptores (primarios) substancias peligrosas; Alemania; substancias nocivas; camiones; causas de los accidentes; condiciones de trabajo; transporte por carretera; programas de seguridad; camiones cisterna
Descriptores (secundarios) material de transporte por carretera; aspectos estadísticos; estadísticas
Tipo de documento E - Libros, informes, actas
País / Estado o ProvinciaAlemania
Tema(s) Transportes y comunicaciones
Broad subject area(s) Riesgos mecánicos, transporte
Navegación por categoria(s) Road transportation
Safety programmes