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Base de datos CISDOC

ID (ISN) del documento59861
Número CIS 93-359
ISBN(s) 0-11-025740-5
Año 1992
Número de serie Statutory Instruments 1992 No.3067
Título Health and Safety - The Asbestos (Prohibitions) Regulations 1992 [United Kingdom]
Información bibliográfica HMSO Books, P.O. Box 276, London SW8 5DT, United Kingdom, 1992. 4p. Price: GBP 1.05.
Resumen These Regulations (entry into force: 1 Jan. 1993) replace the Asbestos (Prohibitions) Regulations 1985, and they implement as respects Great Britain Commission Directive 91/659/EEC (see CIS 92-19) adapting to technical progress Annex I of Council Directive 76/769/EEC (CIS 92-22). The Regulations prohibit the importation, supply and use of all forms of amphibole asbestos (crocidolite, amosite, and fibrous actinolite, anthophyllite and tremolite), as well as mixtures containing any of these minerals. Asbestos spraying by any person is prohibited. The supply and use of a number of products (listed in the schedule) containing chrysotile is also prohibited.
Descriptores (primarios) Reino Unido; prohibición de uso; amianto
Descriptores (secundarios) amianto tremolita; comunidades europeas; amosita; crocidolita; ley; actinolita; aplicación por pulverización; recambio; amianto antofilita
Tipo de documento A - Leyes, reglamentos, directivas
País / Estado o ProvinciaReino Unido
Tema(s) Normas y directivas con fuerza de ley
Broad subject area(s) Riesgos químicos
Navegación por categoria(s) Asbestos
Safety supervision