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Base de datos CISDOC

ID (ISN) del documento55814
Número CIS 91-364
ISSN - Título de la serie 0097-6326 - Federal Register
Año 1986
Número de serie 40 CFR 712 40 CFR 716
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Título EPA Final Rule - Preliminary assessment information and health and safety data reporting; Addition of chemicals [USA]
Información bibliográfica 14 Nov. 1986, Vol.51, No.220, p.41328-41331.
Resumen EPA is adding 4 chemical substances to 2 model information-gathering rules contained in the Toxic Substances Control Act (see CIS 89-23): the Preliminary Assessment Information Rule (PAIR) and the Health and Safety Data Reporting Rule. Manufacturers, processors and importers of these chemicals will be required to report end-use, exposure, volume and unpublished health and safety data to the EPA. The substances are: 2-butanone oxime; 2-propanol; 2-methoxy-2-methyl-propane; N- [5-[bis[2-(acetyloxy)ethyl]-amino]-2-[(bromo-4,6-dinitrophenyl)azo]-4-etho xyphenyl]-acetamide (Disperse Blue 79). In addition, a 5th substance (phosphoric acid, tributyl ester) was added to PAIR and is now designated for response within 12 months. Details of the 2 Rules and an economic analysis of their impact follow.
Descriptores (primarios) declaración de substancias peligrosas; Estados Unidos; éter metil-t-butil; alcohol isopropílico; riesgos químicos; azul dispersado 79; substancias tóxicas; valoración del riesgo; butanona-2 oximo
Descriptores (secundarios) tributilfosfato; comentario de ley; ley; catalogo de substancias químicas
Tipo de documento A - Leyes, reglamentos, directivas
País / Estado o ProvinciaEstados Unidos
Tema(s) Normas y directivas con fuerza de ley
Broad subject area(s) Riesgos químicos
Navegación por categoria(s) Risk evaluation