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Base de datos CISDOC

ID (ISN) del documento55728
Número CIS 91-507
ISBN(s) 92-2-107000-X (Eng); 92-2-207000-3 (fr)
Año 1989
Número de serie
Título Conditions of work in the hotel, catering and tourism sector, such as hours of work, methods of remuneration, security of employment - Report II
Título original Conditions de travail dans le secteur de l'hôtellerie, de la restauration et du tourisme, notamment en ce qui concerne la durée du travail, les modes de rémunération et la sécurité de l'emploi - Rapport II [en francés]
Información bibliográfica ILO Publications, International Labour Office, 1211 Genève 22, Switzerland, 1989. iii, 40p. Bibl.ref. Price: CHF 15.00.
Resumen This report was prepared by the ILO as a basis for discussion for the First Session of the Hotel, Catering and Tourism Committee, Geneva, 1989. Chapter 1 outlines general aspects specific to working conditions in the hotel, catering and tourism sector focusing on enterprises in this sector, the nature of their activities and their labour force. Chapter 2 deals with remuneration of staff examining the methods of fixing remuneration and the various wage systems used in this sector. Chapter 3, devoted to working time, analyses the legal protection extended to workers in the hotel, catering and tourism sector under legislation, collective agreements or other measures. The report ends with a summary of the main points made in each chapter and a list of suggested points for discussion.
Descriptores (primarios) OIT; industria hotelera; condiciones de trabajo
Descriptores (secundarios) informe; trabajo por turnos; trabajo nocturno; remuneración; trabajo a tiempo parcial; legislación; trabajo estacional; duración del trabajo; horarios de trabajo; convenios colectivos; trabajo temporal
Tipo de documento E - Libros, informes, actas
Tema(s) Cemercio, servicios, oficinas
Broad subject area(s) Industrias y ocupaciones
Navegación por categoria(s) Hotels and restaurants
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