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Base de datos CISDOC

ID (ISN) del documento53273
Número CIS 90-281
ISBN(s) 0-11-883538-6
Año 1988
Número de serie Guidance Note PM 29
Health and Safety Executive
Título Electrical hazards from steam/water pressure cleaners, etc.
Información bibliográfica HMSO Books, P.O. Box 276, London SW8 5DT, United Kingdom, Rev. ed., May 1988. 6p. Illus. 16 ref. Price code: GBP AB.
Resumen This revised guidance not deals with the safety precautions needed to avoid electrical hazards when using steam/water pressure cleaners and similar apparatus. It covers the avoidance of electrical shock and burn accidents which may arise from faulty electrical parts, but does not cover the precautions necessary to avoid fire and explosion from the ignition of flammable vapours by incendive sparks from the electrical system or by the static electricity generated by pressure jets. Content: accidents; design considerations (transportable apparatus enclosures, remote control, flexible cables, provision of information); installation precautions (plugs and sockets, use of lower voltages, circulating current earth monitoring, protection by residual current devices); use and maintenance; legal requirements (duties imposed by The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and The Electricity (Factories Act) Special Regulations 1908 and 1944).
Descriptores (primarios) Reino Unido; limpieza con chorro de agua; limpieza con vapor; electricidad
Descriptores (secundarios) dispositivos de protección; mantenimiento; seguridad incorporada; nota informativa; usos
Tipo de documento F - Notas informativas, directrices prácticas, normas
Tema(s) Electricidad
Broad subject area(s) Riesgos eléctricos
Navegación por categoria(s) Electricidad