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ID (ISN) del documento45157
Número CIS 85-1826
Año 1984
Número de serie CEI 479-1 IEC 479-1
Título Effects of current passing through the human body
Título original Effets du courant passant par le corps humain [en francés]
Información bibliográfica International Electrotechnical Commission, 3 rue de Varembé, 1211 Genève 20, Switzerland, 1984. 36p. Illus. 17 ref. Price: SF.48.00.
Resumen This report provides basic information on the effects of shock currents on the human body, to be used as guidance in the establishment of electrical safety requirements. The data given are mainly based on animal experiments and on information from clinical observations. An introduction on general aspects is followed by 3 chapters on: electrical impedance of the human body (as a function of the touch voltage, the frequency, the degree of moisture of the skin and the current path); effects of alternating current in the range of 15Hz to 100Hz; effects of direct current.
Descriptores (primarios) CEI; electricidad; choque eléctrico; seguridad eléctrica; efectos biológicos; corriente eléctrica
Descriptores (secundarios) frecuencia de la corriente eléctrica; informe; corriente alterna; corriente continua; resistencia eléctrica del cuerpo; accidentes eléctricos; corrientes umbrales; fisiología; fibrilación ventricular
Tipo de documento E - Libros, informes, actas
Tema(s) Electricidad
Broad subject area(s)
Navegación por categoria(s) Electricidad