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Base de datos CISDOC

ID (ISN) del documento37162
Número CIS 82-338
Año 1979
Número de serie CE Résolution AP(79)2
Council of Europe, Committee of Ministers
Título Resolution on the design, construction and use of guillotines in the paper and printing industries
Título original Résolution concernant la conception, la construction et l'emploi des massicots droits utilisés dans l'industrie du papier et des arts graphiques [en francés]
Información bibliográfica Direction de la presse et de l'information, 67006 Strasbourg Cedex, France, 1980. 7p.
Resumen Adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 13 Sept. 1979, this resolution specifies the provisions it recommends the 7 States parties to the Partial Agreement (Belgium, France, Federal Republic of Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands and United Kingdom) and the Government of Austria, should bear in mind in drawing up their regulations on the use of guillotines defined in the text. The provisions apply to guillotines designed for cutting reams or piles of sheets of paper or other soft materials and used in the paper and printing industries, but not to multiple-knife guillotines or guillotines incorporated in automated production lines. Sections deal with: description and operation; general design and construction of guillotines; control mechanisms; safety devices (dual hand controls, beam guards, mobile guard devices, mobile guard screens); specifications for electrical circuits, pneumatic controls and hydraulic circuits; general provisions; checking, inspection and testing; repairs and maintenance.
Descriptores (primarios) impresión y reproducción; industria del papel; guillotinas; CE
Descriptores (secundarios) dispositivos de protección; descripción del material; sistemas de control hidráulico; circuitos de control; conservación y reparación; directiva; dispositivos de control; seguridad eléctrica; barreras inmateriales; mando para las dos manos; pantallas de protección; sistemas de control neumático
Tipo de documento F - Notas informativas, directrices prácticas, normas
Tema(s) Máquinas, utillaje
Broad subject area(s)
Navegación por categoria(s) Printing, photography and photocopying industry
Paper and paper products industry