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ID (ISN) del documento36352
Número CIS 81-1522
ISSN - Título de la serie Elektrotechnik und Maschinenbau
Año 1981
Número de serie
Autor(es) Spindler H.
Título Electrostatic discharge tests on models
Título original Elektrostatische Entladungen im Modellversuch [en alemán]
Información bibliográfica Apr. 1981, Vol.98, No.4, p.113-117. Illus. 13 ref.
Resumen Assessment of the ignition power of electrostatic discharges between insulators and conductors depends on several internal and external factors which are not evident to the casual observer, and which can be determined only by tests on models. The model tests described were designed to analyse the influence of these factors on the quantity of transmitted charge, the surface affected, and the type of charge between sheets of charged polystyrene and spherical steel electrodes. In the charge density range studied (between ± 46 and ± 118nC/cm2), discharges capable of igniting stoichiometric (low boiling point) hydrocarbon vapour mixtures were observed.
Descriptores (primarios) electricidad; atmósferas explosivas; riesgos de explosión; electricidad estática
Descriptores (secundarios) hidrocarburos; investigación en materia de explosiones; estudios con maquetas; energía de inflamación
Tipo de documento D - Artículos periódicos
Tema(s) Incendios, explosiones
Broad subject area(s)
Navegación por categoria(s) Explosions