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Base de datos CISDOC

ID (ISN) del documento31359
Número CIS 79-900
ISSN - Título de la serie Gazzetta ufficiale
Año 1978
Número de serie
Título Act No.833 of 23 December 1978 - Establishment of a National Health Service
Título original Legge 23 dicembre 1978, n.833. Istituzione del servizio sanitario nazionale [en italiano]
Información bibliográfica supplemento ordinario n.360, p.3-48.
Resumen Sections of this Act are effective as from the date of its publication, and the entire Act as from 1 Jan. 1979. The National Health Service it establishes is intended to increase the awareness of Italians regarding health questions, by education, by the prevention of accidents and diseases in everyday life as well as in the occupations, and by diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. It endorses the regionalisation of health policy. The groundwork of the service is composed of basic local health units (one per 50,000 - 200,000 inhabitants) whose job is to detect and monitor health hazards in the general and working environments. A Higher Institute of Health, attached to the Ministry of Health, is established as the technical and scientific organ of the health service. This body will replace the National Accident Prevention Institute (Ente nazionale per la prevenzione degli infortuni - ENPI) and the National Association for the Control of Combustion (Associazione nazionale per il controllo della combustione - ANCC). A sole set of regulations, to be issued under the Act, will cover the field of working conditions and production, with a view to the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases, including the approval of hazardous substances and equipment.
Descriptores (primarios) organización nacional; inspección de trabajo; Italia; instituciones publicas de prevencion
Descriptores (secundarios) servicios médicos y sanitarios; hospitales; ley; papel de los poderes públicos; legislación; servicios veterinarios
Tipo de documento A - Leyes, reglamentos, directivas
País / Estado o ProvinciaItalia
Tema(s) Leyes
Broad subject area(s) Aspectos generales
Navegación por categoria(s) Labour inspection