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ID (ISN) del documento23134
Número CIS 75-1103
ISSN - Título de la serie 0387-2289 - St. Marianna Medical Journal
Año 1975
Número de serie
Autor(es) Tane S., Muromoto M., Eiko K., Ushigome S.
Título Ocular injury by paraquat (herbicide) - Report of a case
Título original Kyoroyoku-setsushyoku-gata joso-zai Paraquat no tobiiri ni yoru me-shyogai no chiryo-rei [en japonés]
Información bibliográfica Sep. 1974, Vol.2, No.3, p.274-278. Illus. 9 ref.
Resumen Report of a case of eye injury in a 66-year-old man due to accidental splashing of a herbicide solution containing 24% paraquat. The lesions produced were chemosis, corneal erosion and extensive formation of a conjunctival pseudomembrane. These corneal and conjunctival lesions persisted for about 16 weeks. Since the solution was almost neutral (pH 6.7), the mechanism of this harmful effect is somewhat unclear. Histological examination showed the conjunctiva to be composed of a totally eroded and partly ulcerated epithelial layer and subepithelial tissue with marked oedema and inflammatory cell reaction predominantly of lymphocytes and plasma cells. Foci of dense lymphoid infiltration were prominent. The surface was covered by a thick fibrin and inflammatory exudate. Blood capillaries were proliferated and dilated. The inflammation appeared to be of toxic and/or possibly of allergic origin.
Descriptores (primarios) herbicidas; lesiones oculares; paraquat
Descriptores (secundarios) estudio de caso; conjuntivitis; lesiones corneales; paraquat-cloruro
Tipo de documento -
Tema(s) Patología profesional
Broad subject area(s)
Navegación por categoria(s) Heterocyclic compounds
Agricultural chemicals