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ID (ISN) del documento20591
Número CIS 74-510
ISSN - Título de la serie 0301-1518 - Nouvelle presse médicale
Año 1973
Número de serie
Autor(es) Weiss M., Guiard J., Planché C., Guilleret C.
Título Viral hepatitis - A complication of extracorporeal blood circulation endangering hospital teams
Título original L'hépatite virale - Une complication des circulations extra-corporelles qui n'épargne pas l'équipe de soins. [en francés]
Información bibliográfica 26 May 1973, Vol.2, No.21, p.1437-1441. 30 ref.
Resumen Description of 2 self-observed cases of viral hepatitis due to occupation, which occurred among the staff of an open-heart surgery unit (1 surgeon and 1 heart-lung machine technician contracted viral hepatitis with positive Australia or HB antigen test). The article examines the practical problems which arise from the points of view of forensic medicine, prophylaxis and statistics. Preventive measures should be oriented mainly towards systematic discovery of donors of contaminated blood and patients who are carriers of the HB virus or Australian antigen (patients about to undergo open-heart surgery, kidney transplant or haemodialysis); this is indispensable for the patient as well as for the hospital team. The statistical data quoted show a very high incidence of hepatitis among nursing and technical staff of specialised hospital services: 14 positive reactions and 12 cases of icterus among 190 persons examined during 1 year in a hospital, and 9 cases out of 52 persons during the same year in the laboratory of a hospital pharmacy.
Descriptores (primarios) hepatitis vírica; prevención médica; hospitales
Descriptores (secundarios) reacciones serológicas; estudio de caso
Tipo de documento -
Tema(s) Patología profesional
Broad subject area(s)
Navegación por categoria(s) Liver diseases
Health care services
Bacterial and parasitic diseases
Viral diseases (other than aids)