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ID (ISN) del documento112565
Número CIS 12-0357
ISBN(s) 978-92-2-125637-3
Año 2012
Número de serie
Título Stress prevention at work checkpoints
Información bibliográfica ILO Publications, International Labour Office, 1211 Genève 22, Switzerland, 2012. xvi, 119p. Illus. Price: CHF 35.00; USD 35.00; GBP 25.00; EUR 30.00. Downloadable version free of charge.
Acceso Internet Stress_prevention_at_work_checkpoints_[INTERNET_FREE_ACCESS] [en inglés]
Resumen This manual includes easy-to-apply checkpoints for identifying stressors in working life and mitigating their harmful effects. It also provides guidance on linking workplace risk assessment with the process of stress prevention. These checkpoints consist of good practices for enterprises and organizations in general, and are especially useful for companies and organizations that wish to incorporate stress prevention into their overall occupational safety and health policy and management systems. The checkpoints are grouped under the following headings: job demands; job control; social support; physical environment; work-life balance and working time; recognition at work; protection from offensive behaviour; job security; information and communication. Each of the checkpoints describes an action, indicates why it is necessary and how to carry it out, and provides further hints and points to remember.
Descriptores (primarios) OIT; psicología y organización del trabajo; valoración del riesgo; sistemas de gestión de seguridad y salud en el trabajo; factores de estrés
Descriptores (secundarios) condiciones de trabajo; duración del trabajo; información del personal; listas de control; factores extraprofesionales; aspectos sociales; nota informativa; manuales
Tipo de documento E - Libros, informes, actas
País / Estado o ProvinciaOIT
Tema(s) Psicología y sociología del trabajo
Broad subject area(s) Estrés, factores sicosociales
Navegación por categoria(s) Mental stress and burnout
Psychology of work organization