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ID (ISN) del documento111033
Número CIS 10-0739
ISSN - Título de la serie 0041-1868 - Travail humain
Año 2010
Número de serie
Autor(es) Chassaing K.
Título Understanding gesture and work organization: An analysis in the context of the car industry and civil engineering
Título original Les 'gestuelles' à l'épreuve de l'organisation du travail: du contexte de l'industrie automobile à celui du génie civil [en francés]
Información bibliográfica Apr. 2010, Vol.73, No.2, p.163-192. Illus. 51 ref.
Resumen This study aims to analyze the elaboration of gestures learned on the job in order to examine the organization of work. The specific objective is to highlight the complexity of the organization of gestures in a social context which tends to deny the role of manual work and to underestimate the complexity of gestures. This organization is complex because it has been developed over time and with experience, because its structure is based on principles relating to gestures and finally because it has been circumscribed by the characteristics of a work situation. The analysis of the elaboration of gestures is carried out in three distinct work situations with respect to the latitude for gestures. Two of these relate to car assembly lines and the third to an expressway bridge construction site. The gestures are analyzed by similar methods using interviews and observations. Findings confirm that the combination of high demands (workload) and low latitude (highly constraining procedures) restrain the development of gestures, thereby penalizing operators' health. Implications of these findings are discussed.
Descriptores (primarios) postura en el trabajo; destreza manual; tareas de colocación en posición; rendimiento cognitivo; experiencia; ergonomía
Descriptores (secundarios) carga física; estudio del trabajo; industria del automóvil; obras publicas
Tipo de documento D - Artículos periódicos
Tema(s) Psicología y sociología del trabajo
Broad subject area(s) Estrés, factores sicosociales
Navegación por categoria(s) Psychology of work organization
Motor vehicle manufacturing industry
Construction industry and civil engineering