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ID (ISN) del documento108431
Número CIS 08-807
ISBN(s) 978-92-2-121138-9 (En); 978-92-2-221138-8 (fr); 978-92-2-321138-7 (es)
Año 2008
Número de serie
Título Mi vida, mi trabajo, mi trabajo en seguridad - Gestión del riesgo en el medio laboral
Título original My life, my work, my safe work - Managing risk in the work environment [en inglés]
Wode shenghuo, wode gongzuo, wode gongzuo anquan [en chino]
Ma vie, mon travail, mon travail en sécurité - Gestion du risque en milieu de travail [en francés]
Información bibliográfica ILO Publications, International Labour Office, 1211 Genève 22, Switzerland, 2008. 11p. Illus.
Acceso Internet [en chino] [en árabe] [en inglés] [en español] [en francés]
Resumen The World Day for Safety and Health at Work was created in order to promote safe, healthy and decent work around the world. Tripartite events took place world wide, and a number of products were published, including this booklet, to support these efforts. People everywhere are exposed to safety and health risks from their work. The ILO estimates that some 6,000 workers die each day worldwide as a result of work-related accidents or illness. And occupationally related deaths appear to be on the rise. Moreover, it is estimated that 270 million non-fatal work-related accidents occur each year (each resulting in at least three days' absence from work) as well as 160 million new cases of work-related diseases. The total cost of such accidents and ill health have been estimated by the ILO to equal four percent of global GDP, or more than 20 times the global amount of official development assistance.
Descriptores (primarios) campanas de seguridad e higiene; organización de la prevención en la empresa; valoración del riesgo; OIT
Descriptores (secundarios) difusión de la información; casos mortales; aspectos económicos; informe
Tipo de documento E - Libros, informes, actas
País / Estado o ProvinciaOIT
Tema(s) Generalidades sobre prevención
Broad subject area(s) Aspectos generales
Navegación por categoria(s) Risk evaluation
OSH training