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Document ID (ISN)29540
CIS number 78-1059
ISSN - Serial title Cahiers de notes documentaires - Sécurité et hygiène du travail
Year 1978
Convention or series no.
Author(s) Leleu J.
Title Hazardous chemical reactions - 49. Hydrazoic acid and azides
Original title Réactions chimiques dangereuses - 49. Acide azothydrique et azotures. [in French]
Bibliographic information 1st quarter 1978, No.90, Note No.1103-90-78, p.137-148.
Abstract Enumeration and description of the possible reactions (ignition or explosive decomposition) of hydrazoic acid and 55 azides as a result of heat, light or impact, or contact with various organic or mineral substances. The references used are listed for each reaction.
Descriptors (primary) azides; hydrazoic acid; explosion hazards; chemical reactions
Descriptors (secondary) picryl azide; silver; germyl azide; phosphonitrile trimer azide; iodine; phenyl azide; thionyl chloride; manganese dioxide; phosgene; France; sodium methylate; carbon dioxide; chromyl dichloride; mercury; water; copper; carbon disulfide; diethyl ether; arsenic; ammonium hydroxide; lithium azide; potassium azide; barium azide; calcium azide; magnesium azide; ammonium azide; boron azide; bromine azide; chlorine azide; fluorine azide; iodine azide; tetrachlorosilane; fluorosilane; cyanogen azide; mercury(II) azide; zinc azide; cobalt azide; copper(I) azide; copper(II) azide; lead azide; bases, alkalis; manganese azide; nickel azide; platinum azide; nitrosyl azide; vinyl azide; hydrazine (hydrazoate); cesium azide; dibromomalononitrile; cyanuric azide; methyl azide; acids; explosive substances; dimethyl malonate; benzoyl azide; tert-butoxycarbonyl azide; phosphorus; silver azide; thallium(I) azide; calcium stearate; sodium hypochlorite; sulfur dioxide; cadmium; data sheet; sodium; strontium azide; mercury(I) azide; phosphorus azide; sodium azide; aluminium azide; cadmium azide
Document type B - Chemical safety information sheets
Subject(s) Toxic and dangerous substances
Broad subject area(s)
Browse category(ies) Inorganic substances