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Integrated Rural Accessibility Planning, Guidelines for Nepal

Code de Classification023 - Planification, surveillance et systèmes d'évaluation
ThèmesAccessibilité rural; Développement de l'infrastructure rurale; Développement rural; Formation; Investissement dans l'infrastructure
Mots-cléIRAP, local development planning, local infrastructure development
Type de documentGuide
Date de cette éditionavril 2003
EditeurInternational Labour Organization
Nbre de pages42
No. d'entrée023 - 200517
EditeurInternational Labour Organization
Code de ClassificationPlanification, surveillance et systèmes d'évaluation
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These Guidelines focus on introducing IRAP in Nepalese context of local development planning with detailed procedures and steps to be followed for its application. Portraying the structure of the local-level planning context in Nepal the document at the outset shows where and how this tool can or may be applied. Then, discussing the appropriateness of `accessibility¿ as against `transport¿ in improving rural access various elements pertaining to it are
explained. Different steps of applying IRAP are presented from second
chapter onwards including data collection and compilation, intervention
identification, accessibility mapping and plan document preparation.
Towards the final chapters details regarding individual project preparation
and monitoring and evaluation are presented.

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