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Decent civil works in Nepal and Thailand: From research to action planning

Nom de l'auteurTajgman, David
Code de Classification1AS - Asie
ThèmesIndustrie de la construction; Ingénierie civile; Planification; Politiques et pratiques du travail; Routes; Travail décent
Mots-cléLabour; civil works; policy issues; planning; decent work; occupational safety and health; gender issues; social dialogue; recruitment; wages; legal issues; contractors
PaysNépal; Thaïlande
Type de documentRapport de recherche
Date de cette édition2005
EditeurInternational Labour Organisation (ILO)
Lieu de la publicationGeneva
Pays de la publicationSuisse
Nbre de pages90pp
No. d'entrée1AS - 200210
EditeurInternational Labour Organisation (ILO)
Code de ClassificationAsie
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This study looks at a number of areas of labour policies and practice - policies of productive employment; labour policies and practices; recruitment policy and practice; job security; remuneration and wage payment; gender issues and child labour; work time and rest and occupational safety and health; the right to organise; social dialogue and consultation; and the freedom to leave work - in assessing decent work in these two countries, drawing conclusions and making numerous specific suggestions in both cases about what might be done to create more decent work in the sector.

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