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Site supervisor course for labour-based and community-managed upgrading of urban low income settlements

Sous-titreBasic course manual
Nom de l'auteurBeusch, Andreas;
Winsvold, Marie
Code de Classification062 - Formation
ThèmesInfrastructure communautaire; Technologie basée sur la main d'oeuvre
Mots-cléSite supervisors; low-income settlements; urban infrastructure development; urban environment; tools; equipment; technical skills; planning; reporting; quality control
Type de documentManuel de formation
Date de cette édition2002
EditeurKenya Water Institute (KEWI); Kisii Training Centre (KTC); ILO/ASIST
Lieu de la publicationTurin
Pays de la publicationItalie
Nbre de pages179pp
EmplacementHarare; Nairobi
No. d'entrée062 - 110151
EditeurKenya Water Institute (KEWI); Kisii Training Centre (KTC); ILO/ASIST
Code de ClassificationFormation
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The course is developed to equip trainees with the skills, knowledge and improved attitudes needed to carry-out day-to-day site supervision of labour based and community managed urban upgrading works. The training manuals are in modular format and divided into two sections: basic and skills course. The basic course covers the following topics: the urban environment; construction measurements and calculations; community managed and labour-based approaches; tools and equipment; basic tecnical skills, work implementation issues; work planning and reporting and quality control. The skills course covers work management, labour issues, solid waste management; urban roads, drainage and sanitation, quantities and costing, contracting. The two two manuals are complimented by a site reference hand book which contains key data and guidance, and can be used separately on site as a handy reference tool.

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