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Road Maintenance Groups (RMG)

SubtítuloGuidelines March 2016
Nombre del autorDepartment of Local Infrastructure Development and Agricultural Roads (DoLIDAR)
Código de Clasificación043 - Sector General de Caminos
TemasCaminos; Caminos rurales; Formación; Mantenimiento vial; Obras basadas en la mano de obra; Obras públicas; Rehabilitación vial
Palabras claveRural roads, road maintenance, rural transport, local planning
País (Países)Nepal
Tipo de documentoGuía
Fecha de esta ediciónMarzo 2016
EditorGovernment of Nepal, Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development
CopyrightDoLIDAR - 2016
País de publicaciónNepal
No. de páginas54
No. de registro043 - 200618
EditorGovernment of Nepal, Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development
Código de ClasificaciónSector General de Caminos
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These guidelines describe the process of creating and contracting Road Maintenance Groups (RMGs) for the maintenance of the District Road Core Network (DRCN) in Nepal. The DRCN is the set of main rural roads providing access to all Village Development Committees (VDCs), and its maintenance is the responsibility of the District Development Committee (DDC). There are currently approximately 22,000 km of DRCN roads, with a further 5,159 km planned to link VDCs that currently lack road access. The RMGs form an efficient and effective means of carrying out routine, recurrent and minor specific maintenance of the DRCN, ensuring that the DRCN roads stay open year round and that road deterioration is halted or slowed down. This document serves as a practical guide to the nationwide implementation of the RMG approach in the DRCN, both under government funding and within rural road projects and programmes.

These guidelines have been prepared on the basis of the Team-based maintenance of rural roads – Conceptual guide prepared by the ILO based on a pilot experience with RMGs in Dhanusha and Ramechhap districts in 2008-2009. The concept was further piloted under the Rural Access Improvement and Development Programme (RAIDP) with ILO in 2012-2013. This version of the guidelines takes into account the recent experiences of other projects and programmes implementing the RMG approach such as Rural Access Project (RAP), Strengthening the National Rural Transport Program (SNRTP), Decentralized Rural Infrastructure and Livelihood Project (DRILP), Local Roads Improvement Programme (LRIP), and Rural Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Sector Development Program (RRRSDP).

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