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Report on work norms and wage rates for food assisted works in Bangladesh: Part I of the report

Sub-titleA study undertaken for the Government of Bangladesh, World Food Programme, the USAID-funded CARE/Integrated Food for Development Project, and European Union/Integrated Food Assisted Development Project
Author nameShone, Mike;
Tajgman, David
Classification Code022 - Labour-based Technology
Subject areasChoice of technology; Community-based infrastructure; Conditions of employment; Decent work; Employment creation; Employment-intensive; Labour management; Labour productivity; Labour standards; Labour-based technology; Labour-based works; Rural roads; Wage rates
KeywordsBangladesh; wage rates; working conditions; food for work; task rates; employment creation; labour-based technology; labour-based roadworks; road sector; roads
Document typeResearch Report
Date of this edition5 January 1997
PublisherGovernment of Bangladesh; World Food Programme (WFP) al
Place of publicationDhaka
Country of publicationBangladesh
No. of pages86pp
Accession no.022 - 043512
PublisherGovernment of Bangladesh; World Food Programme (WFP) al
Classification CodeLabour-based Technology
download BangladeshShoneTajgman.pdf (466kb)
This report studies the task rates used in labour-based rural infrastructure works programmes in Bangladesh.

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