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An alternative to migration: Building roads and bridges

Sub-titleWorld of Work Magazine, Nepal special report
Author nameILO
Classification Code001 - Employment and Investment
Subject areasAccess interventions; Appropriate technology; Capacity building; Choice of technology; Community contracting; Community participation; Construction technology; Crisis and disaster; Decent work; Disaster management; Emergency reconstruction; Employment; Employment creation; Employment-intensive; Income generation; Infrastructure investment; Labour-based technology; Labour-based works; Local economic development; Maintenance; PIP - Public investment programmes; Public works; Recruitment; Rehabilitation; Road maintenance; Road rehabilitation; Road sector; Roads; Rural accessibility; Rural development; Rural employment; Rural infrastructure development; Rural roads; Structures (bridges, culverts, drifts); Technical cooperation\assistance; Training; Transport infrastructure; Women; Workers training
KeywordsRural roads, women, maintenance works, employment, crisis, earthquake, labour-based, employment-intensive
Document typeArticle
Date of this edition2015
Place of publicationGeneva
Country of publicationSwitzerland
No. of pages9
Accession no.001 - 200894
Classification CodeEmployment and Investment
download BuildingRoadsandBridgesNepal.pdf (845kb)
The 7.8-magnitude earthquake which struck Nepal on 25 April 2015, killed nearly 9,000 people, destroyed part of the country’s infrastructure and left millions homeless. With financial support from the World Bank, the ILO assisted the Government of Nepal with one of the country’s largest infrastructure project programmes – building bridges and upgrading, rehabilitating and maintaining local road networks and river crossings in 37 districts, targeting more than 15 million people living in these districts. The project is expected to create 3.9 million days of paid decent jobs.

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