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Consolidated Report on of ILO technical assistance to the WB Earthquake Additional Financing Project

Author nameILO Islamabad
Classification Code042 - Crisis and Disaster
Subject areasBuilding sector; Choice of technology; Community contracting; Community participation; Community-based infrastructure; Construction industry; Construction management; Contract management; Contracting; Contracting systems; Crisis and disaster; Emergency reconstruction; Employment creation; Employment-intensive; Foreman training; Natural disasters (droughts, earthquakes, floods); Public works; Reconstruction; Road construction; Road rehabilitation; Rural development; Rural employment; Rural infrastructure development; Rural roads; Schools; Training
Document typeProject Report
Date of this edition2011
CopyrightILO - 2010
Place of publicationIslamabad
Country of publicationPakistan
No. of pages43
Accession no.042 - 200892
Classification CodeCrisis and Disaster
download Consolidated Report of ILO TA to WB Recon Projec.pdf (4450kb)
The World Bank provided financial support to the Government of Pakistan through a credit worth USD 30.0 million to reconstruct 395 damaged school and public buildings and 193 km of rural access roads under the Earthquake Additional Financing Project. ILO provided TA support in (i) overall project management (ii) procurement of civil works contracts (iii) developing technical guidelines for rehabilitating damaged buildings and (iv) rehabilitation of village access/rural roads.

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