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Management Guide, Systems and Procedures for Construction of Schools through Community Participation

Sub-titleEarthquake Additional Financing Project Part–Z IDA CR. 3689-1/PAK
Author nameYahya Jamil-ul-Haq
Classification Code042 - Crisis and Disaster
Subject areasBuilding sector; Capacity building; Community contracting; Community participation; Community-based infrastructure; Construction industry; Construction management; Contract management; Contracting; Crisis and disaster; Emergency reconstruction; Employment creation; Institutional development; Local resource utilisation; Public works; Reconstruction; Schools; Technical cooperation\assistance; Training
Document typeGuide
Date of this edition2011
CopyrightILO - 2010
Place of publicationIslamabad
Country of publicationPakistan
No. of pages126
Accession no.042 - 200891
Classification CodeCrisis and Disaster
download Management Guide Final.pdf (2495kb)
With technical assistance from the ILO, the WB Earthquake Additional Financing Project reconstructed 201 primary schools damaged or destroyed during the 2005 earthquake in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. 102 primary schools were reconstructed by commercial contractors while 99 primary schools were reconstructed through community contracting. 74 of these schools are in the District of Muzaffarabad and 25 in the Districts of Bagh and Poonch.

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