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Guidelines for prevention and control of soil erosion in road works

Author nameEriksson, Arne;
Kidanu, Asfaw
Classification Code044 - Natural Resource Management/Protection
Subject areasEnvironmental issues; Impact assessment; Road construction; Road design standards; Road drainage; Road maintenance; Roads; Soil and water conservation; Soil mechanics
Keywordssoil erosion; soil conservation; water conservation; environmental protection; road construction; environmental impact assessment; community participation; Kenya
Document typeGuide
Date of this editionAugust 2010
PublisherInternational Labour Office
CopyrightInternational Labour Organization and Kenya Rural Roads Authority - 2010
No. of pages91
Accession no.044 - 200712
PublisherInternational Labour Office
Classification CodeNatural Resource Management/Protection
download 110B09_274_engl.pdf (6453kb)
Common soil erosion problems and responsibilities for control measures -- Stakeholder participation -- Planning principles for soil erosion control measures -- Road section with non-standard design -- Appropriate structures to control soil erosion -- Specifications for selected erosion control structures -- Use of vetiver system for soil and water conservation -- Stakeholders' participatory processes -- Cost estimates -- Worked example

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