National Consultant to conduct Social Compliance Assessment of RMG/Footwear factories (10 positions)

Objectives and Scope of work
- The overall objective of the consultancy is to take stock of the achievements/legacies achieved by the programme since 2013 up until now, to communicate these achievements in an engaging manner and also to inform end evaluation/future programming.

Other objectives include:
- Document good practices and lessons learned during the project implementation cycle in the form of narrative, case studies with photographs available through ILO established Long Term Agreement (LTA) with photographers for showcasing to a wide spectrum of audiences.
- To prepare narratives for strategic areas, cross-cutting area (gender and communication) highlighting achievements, lessons, and gaps remaining and opportunities for further engagement in the context of industrial safety, labour inspection governance and OSH, and
their linkages to ILO’s Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP), and relevant national plans of Bangladesh government in consultation with ILO experts.