Cost of Migration Survey 2020. Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), 2020. Bangladesh

The ILO has been supporting the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics as one of the first in pioneering this survey, aimed at shedding light on recruitment fees and costs paid by workers. As co-custodian of SDG Indicator 10.7.1 on reducing recruitment costs, the ILO and the World Bank have developed a global statistical methodology for the collection of data to measure progress in this area.

Fair and effective labour recruitment policies and innovative solutions, based on the data and evidence compiled in this report, are required to address the challenges and to protect male and female migrant workers while ensuring labour market efficiency.
Some migrants lose out in this process due to exploitive practices, such as inflated recruitment fees. To pay for increased migration-related costs, many prospective workers sell family assets or borrow money at high interest rates, while some work overtime or take a second job while residing abroad. Others overstay their visas, thereby becoming irregular migrants, and render themselves vulnerable to further exploitation. Ultimately, migrants can succumb to situations of forced labour due to excessive debts incurred during the recruitment process.