NTVQF Implementation Manual

This manual focuses on three new interlinked initiatives; the National Technical and Vocational Qualifications Framework (NTVQF), Competency Standards and the new Competency-Based Training and Assessment Delivery System. The manual provides an overview of the systems and describes, step-by-step, the procedures involved in implementing them in your institution.

It provides a system of instructions to ensure that all stakeholders, industry partners, technical/vocational institutions and instructors have a shared understanding of the activities that need to be undertaken.This manual should be read in conjunction with the National Skills Quality Assurance System Manuals, which focus on another important initiative; the National Skills Quality Assurance System (NSQAS).It is hoped that this manual will serve as handy reference in promoting and advocating the NTVQF, the CBT&A system and TVET reform as a whole in Bangladesh.