Green Jobs in Asia - Bangladesh

The project is supported by the The Australian Government – ILO Partnership Agreement.

Project background

Green jobs initiatives in Bangladesh commenced as a follow up to the International Conference held in Nigata in April 2008. Implementation period of the project (i.e. the first phase) was July 2008 – June 2010. The Ministry of Labour and Employment took the lead for inter-ministerial consultations and the way forward. ILO’s tripartite constituents were involved in implementation of the various project activities including advocacy, training and sensitization of the members of the employers and workers organizations on basic concepts and ideas on green jobs and decent work. In addition, several sectoral studies and training activities were successfully completed paving the way for future green jobs work. As a result of the strong expression of support from the social partners on green jobs initiatives and direct follow up to the first phase, the ILO Regional Office, Bangkok has launched a regional project on green jobs initiatives funded by the Australian Government. This project covers five countries: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines and Sri Lanka. It will build on the experience of the first phase and deepen ILO constituents’ understanding and commitments for the promotion of gender sensitive green jobs opportunities and a just transition towards a low-carbon, climate resilient, environmentally friendly development in the participating countries including Bangladesh.

With ILO support, the constituents and partners in Bangladesh are expected to work together on Green Jobs initiatives with the goal of promoting environmentally sustainable jobs in a climate-challenged world. To achieve this goal, project strategies include enhanced social dialogue, strengthen collaboration with local partners, build capacity of ILO constituents, fill knowledge gaps, support policies to achieve the sustainability of jobs and enterprises, and contribute to a ‘just’ transition to environmentally sound economy.

Project objectives

  • Promote the capacity of ILO constituents to engage in dialogue on green jobs through increased access to reliable sources of data and information on green jobs and training;
  • Green jobs mainstreamed in labour and social policies; and
  • Demonstration projects for green jobs employment promotion in specific sector in Bangladesh.

Key areas of work in Bangladesh

  • Promote gender sensitive green jobs opportunities and a just transition for workers and employers towards a low-carbon, climate resilient, environmentally friendly development;
  • Generate information, data and knowledge products on green Jobs through publications of sector based studies (e.g. Agriculture, Construction, Waste management, and Renewable energy and skill development for green jobs);
  • Prepare an inventory on green jobs in Bangladesh;
  • Develop training courses for constituents and national partners;
  • Convene a national conference on green jobs;
    Joint initiatives with constituents for advocacy and awareness raising on green jobs and green job related aspects;
  • Setting up tripartite task force on green jobs, policy briefs to support policy development and discussion; and
  • Demonstration of green job expansion through public-private partnerships in renewable energy sector of the country.


Key partners include Ministry of Labour and Employment and other government departments, Bangladesh Employers Federation (BEF), National Coordination Committee for Workers Education (NCCWE), Grameen Shakti, Waste Concern, Occupational Safety, Health and Environment (OSHE) Foundation, private sector and local communities.

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