Needs assessment for trade-specific Arabic and English language training for the workers completed

ILO executed project has initiated a sub-project titled “Establishing Language Labs at the Technical Training Centres” in partnership with the BRAC Institute of Languages (BRAC-BIL) and the Bureau of Manpower Employment & Training (BMET).

ILO, through “Promoting Decent Work through Improved Migration Policy and its Application in Bangladesh” project, is bringing an understanding of the ways in which social protection needs of the migrant workers are met once they make a decision to migrate and what more needs to be done. In the course of work on international labour migration from Bangladesh, the ILO has comes across a variety of experiences of migrants in terms of finding employment overseas, costs of recruitment and migration that they have to bear, issues they face while sending remittances, constraints that women workers face, the impact of language proficiency or a lack of it in their integration in the host labour market and their ability to understand the job and employer/supervisor’s instructions. ILO also believes that language skills affect workers’ ability to access to formal and informal mechanisms that may be there for migrant workers’ protection. Language skills also play a major role in workers being able to be part of the local social networks or workers associations that can assist them or help them understand their rights and responsibilities better.