July 2021

  1. Our impact, Their voices

    Investing in skills pays off

    27 July 2021

    The ILO's European Union funded Skills 21 project supported building the capacity of TVET instructors in designing online materials, learning the latest software, and building online learning platforms. Like Pavel, five other master trainers are further building the skills capacity of other trainers to develop online materials and content.

  2. Trade Unions in Transition

    Post Covid-19: Towards Trade Union Revitalization

    23 July 2021

    The COVID-19 crisis has exposed and aggravated existing challenges and has put increasing pressure on trade unions. Trade union membership is declining, both in developed and in developing countries. The future of trade unions will depend on their responses to the pandemic.

  3. International Journal of Labour Research

    Asia and Pacific: Regional launch event of the International Journal of Labour Research

    16 July 2021

    The ILO’s Bureau for Workers’ Activities (ACTRAV) organized a high-level regional launch of the International Journal of Labour Research on 16th July2021. “COVID-19 and Recovery: The Role of Trade Unions in Building Forward Better” is launched during a panel discussions which bring together authors, researchers , academics, ILO representatives and leaders from trade union in Asia and Pacific.

  4. #RafityC190

    Tuomo Poutiainen: C190 Champion

    13 July 2021

    Tuomo Poutiainen, ILO Country Director for Bangladesh, joins the ILO's global campaign against violence and harassment in the world of work.

  5. Interview

    Technical education can equip the young people with the right skills for the job market

    13 July 2021

    Md. Jahangir Alam is the Director (Planning and Development) of the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) under the Technical and Madrasah Education Division of the Ministry of Education. In an interview with the Skills 21 project, Mr Jahangir talks about the governments' upcoming projects, plans, and many more initiatives in modernising the TVET system.

  6. Our impact, Their voices

    New skills lead to brighter future for Era

    13 July 2021

    The ILO’s European Union-funded Skills 21 project works to increase productivity and better employment opportunities through an environmentally conscious, inclusive, demand-driven, and interlinked skills development system responding to the needs of the labour market.

  7. Our impact, Their voices

    Skills training: Tayaba Khanam Era's testimony

    13 July 2021

    Tayaba Khanam Era learned from one of her friends that Khulna Mahila Polytechnic Institute was offering skills courses with support from the ILO’s European Union-funded Skills 21 project. Era chose a graphic design course, which was something she had always dreamed about.

  8. Motion Graphics on Skills 21

    Empowering citizens for inclusive and sustainable growth

    13 July 2021

    Skills 21 project supports the Government of Bangladesh by training teachers and assessors, modernising the TVET system, and working with industries and institutes to build inclusive skills and a lifelong learning system.

  9. Campaign

    ILO launches COVID-19 awareness campaign for RMG workers

    12 July 2021

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    Press release

    ILO statement on factory fire in Rupganj, Bangladesh

    10 July 2021