Promoting gender equality and non-discrimination in Azerbaijan

During 2011, the ILO undertook work in Azerbaijan as a follow up to two in-depth ILO studies on discrimination and gender which were commissioned in 2009-2010. The findings of these two studies confirmed the need for continued legislative reform, especially to prevent discrimination based on sex in Azerbaijan. The studies pointed to a need for awareness on the part of workers and employers on relevant legal norms. In May 2011, constituents validated these studies and agreed on the way forward to implement the recommendations emanating from them that will ultimately lead to establish new or modify laws, policies, action plans and/or programmes to be adopted and brought into line with international standards on non-discrimination, as well as implement an awareness raising strategy on non-discrimination. Two crucial activities have been undertaken to date: 1) an in-depth review of the labour code, and 2) translation into Azeri of the equal pay guide on gender neutral job evaluations.