Promoting equal employment opportunities at the workplace in Morocco

Through the Middle East Partnership Initiative, this pilot program was aimed at promoting employment equality at the workplace in Morocco based on a bottom-up approach.

The overall objective of the project, which was implemented from January 2007 – September 2008 was to have key equality employment policies and practices implemented in at least three workplaces in Morocco. The workplaces chosen included six semi-public workplaces representing the tourism, services, pharmaceutical and agro-food sectors. These workplaces were invited to participate in a baseline survey aimed at highlighting and comparing the employment policies and practices as they affect both women and men. The results of the survey were tabulated and analyzed by qualified local and international experts, and the findings shared with the managers of the participating enterprises. The likely causes of the situation were identified, and recommendations provided on ways to improve their existing policies and practices. Based on the findings and recommendations, the managers were invited to develop a Plan of Action on policies and practices with the assistance of national and international expertise. In addition, a “good practices” guide (include here a link to the guide: Promouvoir l’étalite professionnelle dans les enterpreises: guide de bonnes pratiques) was developed based on the results of the project, and was disseminated to workplaces by the project partners.