Executive Summary of 2009 Global Report on Forced Labour "The cost of coercion"

In presenting this report the ILO launched a challenge to the world community, to build and consolidate a global alliance, involving a range of partners, in order to eradicate forced labour at the earliest opportunity.

The Cost of Coercion sheds new light on forced labour, including the forced labour that results from trafficking in persons, in the rapidly changing world economy. It also indicates what has been achieved since the ILO called for intensified action against this serious violation of human rights. In doing this, the report can point to some positive trends. But it also highlights areas where the challenges are becoming more difficult, at a time of growing economic and financial crisis, when the aftershocks of this crisis can have a particularly negative impact on the most vulnerable groups, including women, children, migrant workers, indigenous peoples and others least covered by social protection systems.