Working for Health in Sri Lanka Project: Phase II

Working for Health is a joint collaboration between the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Labour Organization (ILO)

Overall objective of project

Enhanced social dialogue towards decent work for healthcare workers in Sri Lanka; and those temporarily employed overseas

Specific Project Objectives   

  • Enhance inter-sectoral commitment, social dialogue and policy dialogue for an expanded and transformed health workforce
  • Maximise the mutuality of benefits from international health worker labour mobility


  • Strengthen the technical capacity of stakeholders in the areas of social dialogue and collective bargaining in order to improve labour relations and minimise labour disputes
  • Support the Ministry of Health in developing its framework for international mobility of health workers who migrate for temporary out-country employment

Expected results and activities

  • Enhanced inter-sectoral social dialogue for improved labour relations in the Public Health Sector
  • Design and piloting of a Bipartite Dispute Prevention Mechanism within the Public Health Sector
  • Framework for Health Workers international mobility
  • Strengthened capacity to maximise the mutuality of benefits from international health worker labour mobility
This project contributes to Sri Lanka DWCP 2018-2022 Outcome 2.1 (Effective systems for social dialogue and tripartism in place, institutionalised and operationalised) / ILO P&B 2020-2021 Indicator 1.4.1 (Number of Member States with newly developed or strengthened institutions mechanisms or regulatory frameworks for social dialogue labour relations or dispute prevention/resolution that address current and emerging challenges in the world of work) and Sri Lanka DWCP 2018-2022 Outcome 3.2 (Labour market outcomes for migrants are improved and their vulnerability to exploitation reduced) / ILO P&B 2020-2021 Indicator 7.5.1 (Number of member States with labour migration frameworks or institutional mechanisms to protect the labour rights of migrant workers and promote coherence with employment, skills, social protection, and other relevant policies)

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