Safety + Health for All – Plantation workers in South Asia

This project aims to improving the safety and health of workers in plantations in South Asia.

Target Beneficiaries

  • Government: Ministry of Labour (including Department of Labour and National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health); Ministry of Plantation; Plantation Human Development Trust (PHDT); Tea Smallholding Development Authority (TSDA)
  • Employers’ Organisations: Employers Federation of Ceylon; Regional Plantation Companies (RPCs); Smallholders Associations
  • Workers’ Organisations: Trade Unions; Smallholders societies

Specific Project Objectives

  • Generate and share knowledge on constraints and opportunities to improve the safety and health of workers in the plantation sector in Sri Lanka
  • Strengthen national and local institutions to better promote and protect the safety and health of plantation workers in Sri Lanka
  • Develop or strengthen workplace and industry level practices and initiatives to promote the safety and health of workers, in the plantation sector in Sri Lanka
  • Gender mainstreaming and gender-sensitive approach in all activities to improve the occupational safety and health of women and men workers


The sub-regional project is aligned with the four building blocks of the ILO’s flagship Safety & Health for All programme: Building Knowledge; Strengthening National Capacities; Creating conducive national frameworks and promoting demand for Safe and Healthy workplaces.

Firstly, it is expected that activities under Safety + Health for All will result in changes in OSH governance, policy and legal frameworks. Secondly, that building the capacity of OSH related organizations will strengthen the overall performance of the national OSH system. Finally, it is expected that new or revised policies and laws, enhanced organisational capacity, and improved organisational performance will together lead to OSH improvements in the workplace.

Expected results

  • Knowledge is generated and shared to improve the safety & health of workers in plantations sector
  • National and local institutions are strengthened to promote and protect the safety & health of plantation workers in Sri Lanka
  • Workplace and sector level initiatives/practices to promote safety & health of workers, with a focus on women workers, are developed or strengthened in Sri Lanka

The project contributes to Sri Lanka DWCP 2018-2022 Country Priority Outcome 2.2: Effective Labour administration systems and efficient workplace inspection in place

For further information, please visit the programme page