Building Sri Lanka’s national and enterprise-level dispute resolution system back better during COVID-19

This project aims to strengthening social dialogue and labour relations, laws, processes and institutions and to improve international standards

Target Beneficiaries

Government, Employers and Workers

Specific Project Objectives

The objective of the intervention is to strengthen social dialogue and dispute prevention processes at national, sectoral and enterprise levels, to prevent further weakening of constructive industrial relations, improve compliance with international standards, and facilitate an effective recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

It contributes to DWCP 2018-2022 Outcome 2.1: Effective systems for social dialogue and tripartism in place, institutionalized and operationalized and Outcome 2.2: More effective labour administration system with more efficient workplace inspection in place; and ILO P&B 2020-2021 Output 1.3: Increased institutional capacity of labour administrations and 1.4: Strengthened social dialogue and labour relations laws, processes and institutions


The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted societies and economies globally. Sri Lankan employers and workers have not been spared from the effects of the pandemic. This initiative aims to support Sri Lanka in building back better, through strategically addressing specific industrial relations challenges. These challenges include rising labour disputes, weakened industrial relations, and inadequate social dialogue processes particularly at a sectoral level.

Expected results

  • Establishment of a labour dispute resolution rapid response mechanism for effective, transparent resolution of disputes arising from the COVID crisis
  • Adoption of bipartite social dialogue practices to facilitate a safe and structured return to work and to serve as a basis for improved industrial relations in the workplace
  • Revitalized tripartite social dialogue mechanisms at national and sub-national level to respond effectively to the COVID 19 crisis and future crises